KALOVÁ, Jana. Calculus I. 2010.
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Basic information
Original name Calculus I
Name in Czech Diferenciální počet
Authors KALOVÁ, Jana.
Edition 2010.
Other information
Type of outcome Teaching aids, texts (including individual chapters in textbooks)
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Keywords (in Czech) matematika, funkce, limita, derivace
Keywords in English mathematics, functions, limits, derivative
Tags KPV1
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1. Linear Algebra 2. Vectors 3. Matrix Algebra 4. Determinant 5. Linear Systems of Equations 6. Least Squares 7. Real Functions of One Real Variable 8. Basic Notions 9. Limits and Continuity 10. Derivatives 11. LHospital rule 12. Asymptotes of graphs 13. Graph Sketching 14. Applications of Derivatives
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