• 1.Study Materials in IS VŠTE
    Basic information in Help named Application Used for Posting Study Materials.
  • 2.I want to read material or post my notes, etc.
    Use to view study materials for a particular course:

    The Information System Student [course] Study Materials

    1 Link to Study Materials in selected course.

    Study materials of all courses of the selected study in a particular term are displayed:

    The Information System Student Teaching Study Materials

    1 All study materials in selected term.

    You can navigate through the material tree by clicking on the folder names, and open the material by clicking on its name.

    Students can also display teaching materials, such as lecture notes. Paste them in the “File Vault” folder.

  • 3.Why do the course links change during the term?
    The Student / My Courses page displays links that are relevant to the course. There are always the following items for each course:

    1 Course name and code.

    2 Number of credits for successful completion of the course.

    3 Type of Completion.

    4 Link to course information in the course catalog.

    5 Make yourself public in a course.

    6 Enter to Interactive Syllabus.

    7 Enter to Notebooks.

    8 Course discussion group.

    9 Possibility to share your own materials (excerpts, etc.) with classmates – not to submit homework!

    The teacher can use various activities within the course, which he / she can make available to students at any time during the semester. Similarly, a link to the exams will only appear on the course when there are some dates.

    Links viewable at the top: Discussion Groups, Study materials, Homework Vault, File Vault, ROPOTs, Answer sheets.

    Links displayed at the bottom: Seminar Groups, Exams, Timetable, Catalogue, Schoolmates.

  • 4.I am a student and I would like to upload my assignment into a Homework Vault. How shall I proceed?
    For a specific course, use:

    The Information System Student [course] Homework Vaults

    A list of all the open Homework Vaults in the semester:

    The Information System Student Teaching Study materials Homework Vaults you can access

    Select the folder where you want to paste the file. To go up one level, click the icon next to the folder name.

    To upload your assignment into the Homework Vault, please follow the instructions given in the section titled How to Post Study Materials on IS below. Provided you wish to upload a file, click on . If your assignment spans several files, create a new folder using (). Your file or newly created folder should bear your name (it is not possible to upload several files of the same name, though). After uploading the file(s), you can re-write it (them) with a newer one(s) or delete it (them) any time you see fit.

    As regards the default access rights set for your files and folders, you need not change these. The access rights of the Homework Vault, or rather the folder into which students are requested to upload their assignments, may be pre-set so that the assignment uploaded can only be read by the student himself/herself (and his/her teacher) or by him/her, the teacher and other students. To find out which of the two options has been chosen, see the folder description.

    1 Access rights for the files and folders.

  • 5.I am a student and I would like to upload my thesis/dissertation into the Archive of Theses/Dissertations. What am I supposed to do?
    To upload your thesis/dissertation, please use the instruction in Help: How shall I proceed to upload my thesis into the Archive?

    The thesis/dissertation uploaded into the Archive can also be accessed via the IS VŠTE personal page of the student who has carried out the upload. To find the student, use the following path:

    The Information System People

  • 6.I have used an excerpt from someone else's work in the Study Materials section. What form should the information identifying the source and author have?
    The fundamental principles governing the correct specification of quoted sources are conciseness and accuracy, which guarantee the source can be found easily. The information pertaining to official standards of providing bibliographical information can be found in the following documents:
    • ČSN ISO 690 Dokumentace. Bibliografické citace: obsah, forma, struktura
    • ČSN ISO 690-2 Bibliografické citace. Část 2: Elektronické dokumenty nebo jejich části

  • 7.Are students allowed to post any materials on IS?
    Yes, they are. Provided a student wants to offer other users some of his/her study materials (e.g. his/her lecture notes), he/she should use the following path:

    The Information System Student [course] File Vault

    The files can consequently be accessed by all the students enrolled in the course (before the beginning of teaching period this includes all of those who have registered for the course). When preparing study materials for the upcoming term and copying the old ones into it, teachers can include in them also the files uploaded by the students in the past.

    The folders Learning Materials, Assignments, Course-Related Instructions and File Vault are created the first time a user enters the tree of the course.

  • 8.Where can I check the file upload?
    The Information System Student Teaching Study Materials

    You can find a link to the history of your file operations in the Homework Vaults section. Operations in the last 3 days are displayed directly on the page.


    The Information System Files File Operations

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at vsteis(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.