• 1.What does the IS reminders service do?
    The purpose of this service is only to make students' work with Information System convenient. In this respect, its malfunction should by no means be used as an excuse for not attending to the duties stipulated by Study and Examination Regulations. This also applies to the situations where the service provides inaccurate or incomplete information.

    The situation notice is displayed on the IS VŠTE title page, or an e-mail is sent (depending on the type of situation and the level of risk).

    1 IS reminders on the title page.

    Overview of current and historical alerts can also be found in:

    The Information System Student During studies IS reminders

  • 2.What situations does IS VŠTE draw attention to?
    IS VŠTE reminds the following situations::

    End of study interruption

    • Students with interrupted study are notified of the planned end of interruption of study. (Students who do not apply for re-enrollment before the scheduled date of interruption of study are automatically terminated.)
    • Reminds students of bachelor, master, follow-up master's and doctoral studies.
    • It is warned one month before the scheduled termination of the interruption. A warning email is sent two weeks before the scheduled return. One week before the scheduled return, a warning email is sent every fourth day.

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