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General registration procedures

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Foreign students are registered and enrolled to study via VŠTE information system (IS).In the VŠTE IS are kept all data on students, including personal data.

Students find plenty of useful information and contacts with relevant departments and people in the IS VŠTE.

Admitted candidates to the program held at VŠTE have the right to study and enrol in the first semester.

The applicant has the right to be enrolled into the study in all programs which he was admitted to. An applicant becomes a student VŠTE on enrollment.

The person, whose study was stopped out, has the right to reenroll in this study following the date of the studies interruption. A person becomes a student VŠTE on re-entry into the study.

The period of study enrollment and enrollment in the semester is provided by the academic year schedule. Entry into the study or re-enrollment must be done personally. A person, who cannot make the registration within a specified period, may request an alternative date within five working days following the registration. If the student does not request alternative date, or if he / she fails to entry in the specified time, his / her right to enrollment expires.

During the study, the students are required to fill in the IS VŠTE all contact details change immediately (especially change of name, address, telephone number).If they do not do it, VŠTE is not responsible for the consequences that this omission of the students arise.

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