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General admission requirements

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Conditions for admission to a degree programme:

  1. Achievement of secondary education with GCSE (school leaving exam),
  2. Submission of a properly completed electronic application by the deadline,
  3. To hand in of certified copies of certificates from the third year of high school or the first year follow-up study. Until the registration it is then required to provide a certified copy of the school-leaving certificate. If the school-leaving examination was carried out abroad (not in Slovakia there is a condition of handing in of recognition certificates of equivalent foreign certificate or foreign education validation,
  4. Fee payment,
  5. Foreign country citizens applying for study in Czech language (not applicable to citizens of the Slovak Republic) demonstrate their readiness to study the language by passing an examination conducted in the Czech language or passing an exam in the Czech language at the VŠTE.

Administrative fee is CZK 450.

The fee can be paid:

  • by postal order (type “A”),
  • by transfer order (Komerční banka, Account No: 78-484180297/0100, a variable symbol is a candidate’s birth number),
  • by cash at the VŠTE cash register (in the office hours, see www.vstecb.cz).

The order of candidates will be determined by the average of their school report from the third year of secondary school or the first year of the follow-up study. The lists of enrolled and non-admitted students will be available on the VŠTE official board after the Rector’s decision. The lists will be released on www.vstecb.cz, too.

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