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Arrangements for academic guidance

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Vice-rector is in charge of study and educational activities:

Vice-rector for education: Mgr. Lenka Hrušková, Ph.D.
phone: +420 387 842 125
office: D 002
email: hruskova@mail.vstecb.cz

Erasmus Institutional Coordinator:
Mgr. Alžběta Troupová
phone: +420 387 842 131
office: D 003
email: troupova@mail.vstecb.cz

Students wanting to go to a foreign university as an exchange student can ask for help at Students‘ Mobility Department (contact email troupova@mail.vstecb.cz). Students can choose from a wide list of partner universities in Europe as well as other parts of the world.

VŠTE offers students to participate in vocationally oriented tours and language excursions. In collaboration with the major employers located predominantly in the South-Bohemian Region, it also arranges seminars and workshops for students to improve their labour market position,.

VŠTE aims to facilitate contacts between companies and students (e.g. it supports student competitions with the participation of companies, offers practical training vacancies, etc.).

Information center of the Student Union – a student advisory office for students registered in both full-time and part-time degree programmes arranges lectures and cultural and social events.

Buddy – Erasmus student club for all incoming students
VŠTE motivates students to participate in various professionally oriented competitions: Students‘ Work Competition (SVOČ), Design Your School Competition, Presta school contest, Dream Project. Students with excellent study results may become Student Research Fellows and have the opportunity to participate in research projects of the Institute.

Teaching at VŠTE is held through lectures, seminars, exercises, practices, laboratory exercises, practice, field trips, internships, field exercises, courses and consultations.
Attendance at lectures is optional.
Participation in seminars, exercises and consultations are required for full-time study. For the combined form of study the participation is optional.
Full-time students must meet 70% attendance in seminars and tutorials (may take the absence of 3). For more details please see the Study and Examination Rules of The Institute of Technology and Business.

Teaching in the semester is organized according to weekly schedules, except for items that require block or the teaching with the specific time course in the programme and they are in this respect marked.

The weekly schedule is published before the commencement of the teaching semester. Timetables for the block teaching and learning with a special timetable are published at least one week ahead.

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