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VŠTE Student Association was founded in 2009. The Association represents the VŠTE students and affiliates them. Thanks to the positive approach of VŠTE to this organization, it was possible to organize several events (immediately after the Association’s formation) - the most famous being Grilovačka, which is regularly attended by more than 300 students.

The Student Association is governed by the Student Association's Council, which now consists of seven members, headed by the President or Vice-President.

The Student Association is fully dedicated to foreign students. It organizes several events such as relaxing in the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant or bar, excursions around the area and plans and organizes sports events for foreign students.

The Student Association is currently responsible for issuing the school magazine ŠNEK. The magazine attracts attention not only with its form but also with its contents and draws a wide readership base.

Another matter which needed to be tackled was the VŠTE student parking area. The Student Association believes that the chosen system is transparent enough and will satisfy all those who need to go to college by car.

Another objective which we wanted to achieve was to establish contacts with the VŠTE Academic Senate and of course with student organizations of other universities all over the Czech Republic and to cooperate with them.

We would like to hold frequent entertainment events for students and staff to be make socializing easier. In the case of interest to launch the long-term sports activities and competitions from students’ part, we can help to make the studies more pleasant.

Finally, we would like to say that the Student Association is here for you, to work together to establish a warm and friendly climate at our college. If you are interested in SA, feel free to contact us by e-mail suvste@seznam.cz.

The Student Chamber of the Higher Education Council is the ultimate representative of students in dealings with government ministries and other prominent institutions. The Student Chamber in the Academic Senate always has one representative and a deputy in this authority.

The supreme body of academic self-governance is the Academic Senate. This body elects the Rector and approves relevant internal regulations. The Academic Senate is divided into the Chamber of Academic staff (teachers only) and a Student Chamber (only students). Students have four votes whilst academics have seven votes.

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