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Foreign nationals in the Czech Republic are required to have health insurance. Residence in the territory of the Czech Republic without insurance is in breach of Czech law and the individual may face recourse against a violation. Act 326/1999 Coll., on the stay of foreign nationals on the territory of the Czech Republic imposes on foreign nationals the obligation to supply proof of their ability to pay medical expenses.

Medical and accident insurance can be obtained in the Czech Republic for about 40 EUR per month. EU/EEA citizens should obtain the European Health Card before coming to the Czech Republic. However, this card will provide only emergency service which may not be free of charge. Some medical costs will not be covered even by the medical insurance policy. For example, dental and eye care problems, as well, as illnesses requiring extensive diagnostic procedures. Students who have health problems and require medical attention should first choose a doctor by asking International Office Staff for a recommendation.

Foreign nationals without permanent residence in the Czech Republic who are not employed in the Czech Republic cannot participate in public health insurance and in most cases must have travel health insurance coverage, which is independent of public health insurance and is based on a contract between the insured person and an insurer.

You can find more information on the Health Care System in the Czech Republic at the website of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

More detailed information about travel health insurance for visa applications can be found at the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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