• 1.What information does this page contain?
    Important: The information on printing test sheets available on this page is not complete. Besides, the optical recognition application and the ones cooperating with it are still in their testing phase.

    The tips mentioned here are based on our long-term experience of working with similar testing mechanisms. This does not mean, however, that any suggestions concerning the applications are not welcome.

  • 2.How I am supposed to prepare for the test?
    • Using the Information System, create a new question set and a new ROPOT description. Try printing your test sheets in both the browser and printer modes to find out which of them suits you best.
    • Ensure that all the special characters, provided your test sheets contain some, get printed correctly. For the time being, the test sheets containing images can only be printed out in the browser mode.
    • It is advisable to send your students an e-mail message instructing them to read through the section on how they should proceed when writing down their personal identification number and that of their test sheet. The path to the section is as follows:

      Personal Administration Help Student Examination Based on Scannable Answer Sheets

    • Contact your local Computer Laboratory to get some information on how and where you can scan the answer sheets.
    • Remember to print out a sufficient number of answer sheets and make sure you even have enough spare ones.
    • The answer sheets can also be copied. However, you should use a quality copier that does not leave any undesirable marks on the sheets since these might negatively affect the recognition process later on.

    Please ensure that you copy the answer sheets straight without any rotation since the recognition application might have difficulties in recognizing the contents of the answers sheets which have not been copied properly. Provided you have any doubts about the quality of your copier, try to test it by marking answers on a few copied answer sheets (the same way you would do it if you were a student taking the test) and having their contents recognized. You might as well have all the answer sheets printed out by your printer instead of printing only one and copying it.

  • 3.What am I supposed to do at the test?
    • Go over the reservation list of the examination date, which you have printed out from the Information System, and make sure it is only the students who have reserved a slot on the date that are present. To identify the students, use their ISIC cards and tell them to lay these on their desks so that you can, during the test proper, check if they have filled in their test sheets with their personal identification number (učo) and not someone else's. It is not necessary to do so for every student, though. You can use the reservation list for this purpose as well.
    • Using a blackboard or screen, explain to the students the format they should keep to when writing down their personal identification numbers and test identification ones. For information on the prescribed format, please read through this document.
    • After marking an answer the student subsequently considers wrong, he/she should not simply cross it out, but rather erase it with an eraser or use a new answer sheet instead. In general, using a new blank answer sheet is a recommended practice whenever the student wants to change any information he/she has previously recorded on his/her sheet.
    • You might want to recommend your students to mark the correct answers on the test sheets first and start copying them into the answer sheets only when you ask them to (e.g. when their test time is up). While giving a student a new blank answer sheet, make sure you mark the old one (e.g. by tearing it) to prevent it from being added to the batch of those that are to be scanned.
    • Students should mark the answer sections by drawing bold horizontal lines between the answer brackets. You should be aware of the fact that students might attempt to cheat by marking the answer they are not sure of with a thin line in the attempt of making the recognition application overlook it. In such a situation, after finding out the answer is correct (while the application has considered it unmarked), the students might require you to recognize the answer as marked. Teachers are therefore recommended to ignore any requests for recognizing the answers marked improperly as correct.
    • Concerning the tests in which students are expected to provide handwritten answers, it is advisable that you instruct them to keep the margins of their answer sheets blank and inform them that it is only their front sides that are to be scanned. Since the rear sides of answer sheets are never scanned, they cannot be made available for viewing via IS.
    • Remember to remind your students to ensure that they have filled in the appropriate fields with their personal identification number and the test sheet one.
    • As regards the test sheets, you may wish to allow your students to keep them or have these displayed by the ROPOT application later on. This, however, does not apply to the tests in which students are expected to provide handwritten answers - a situation where you might want to provide the questions in a separate file uploaded, for instance, into the Learning Materials section of File Manager.
    • Inform your students about when their scores (or scanned answer sheets) will be posted on the System since this will save you the time you would otherwise spend answering their questions.

  • 4.What am I supposed to do after the test?
    • Scan the collected answer sheets (either on your own or with some assistance on the part of your local Computer Laboratory staff). If the contents of some of them do not get recognized, please enter them manually. Finally, you should associate the scanned sheets with the ROPOT application and have the students' scores uploaded into a notebook.
    • You can use the reference of 'evaluate on the basis of scores' to upload the students' grades (based on their scores stored in the notebook) into the evaluation form of the course.
    • Make the scanned answer sheets accessible to the students. Provided there are some complaints regarding errors in the recognized contents that you find well-founded, correct them manually.
    • The recognition application is constantly being worked on and improved. If you encounter an answer sheet whose contents have not been recognized correctly, but you think it alright, please notify the System administrators of the fact sending them the personal identification number of the student who has filled in the sheet, the course code, and other sheet-related information that might help to identify the sheet.
    • Students can find out about where they can locate their scanned answer sheets using the following path:

      Personal Administration Help Student Examination Based on Scannable Answer Sheets

    • Provided you wish to make the test sheets (with or without the correct answers marked) accessible to students, you can do so by checking the appropriate option in the ROPOT description.

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at vsteis(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.