• 1.What shall I do to select the topic of my thesis/dissertation?
    You can select the topic of your thesis using one of the applications listed in the Student section. After clicking on 'Enroll in a topic/variant listed under a Package of Topics', you will be provided with a list of packages whose topics/variants you can enroll in.

    To enroll in a topic(s), please click on 'enroll in the left column of the table.

  • 2.Is there any way I can create/propose my own topic?
    Yes, there is, but only on condition that the package under which you want to do so is tagged with 'Students are allowed to create topics'.
    To create/propose a new topic of your own, please use the following path:

    Personal Administration Studies Browse Packages of Topics/Variants

    Next, select the required package and click on 'Create a new topic/ variant'. After creating the topic, enroll in it using the following path:

    Personal Administration Student Enroll in a topic/variant ...

    Select your newly created topic and click on 'enroll'.

    The supervisor you specified when creating your topic will be notified of your act by e-mail requesting him/her to approve the topic. Regardless of whether his/her decision is positive or negative, you will be notified of it by e-mail.

  • 3.How shall I proceed to edit the name of a topic, its name in English and other information?
    You can only edit the topic-related information provided your supervisor has checked the Allow / disallow the student to edit the topic (its name, description, recommended reading, etc.) option for it.

    To edit the information, please use the following path:

    Student Enroll in a Topic/Variant

    Clicking on full info situated under the topic you have enrolled in, you will display further information related to it. To edit it, click on Edit topic/variant (followed by the name of your topic).

    Saving your changes, you will cause the option 'Approve the student's enrollment or a change he/she has made' to be activated. After you have finished editing the topic, please ask your teacher to approve the changes you have made to it.

  • 4.When and where can I access the Packages of Topics?
    The path to the page allowing you to enroll in the topics created under the current term is as follows:

    Personal Administration Student

    To enroll in a topic, use one of the references situated below 'Enroll in a topic/variant ...'. However, the enrollment in the topic is only possible provided the topic is currently open for it. The other topics, i.e. those which are not currently open for enrollment, are listed on the page the path to which is as follows:

    Personal Administration Studies Browse Packages of Topics/Variants

    [1] click to select one of the packages available

    [1] check the topic you want to get some more information about
    [2] confirm your choice by clicking 'Select topics'

    [1] detailed information on the selected topic

  • 5.There are no packages listed on my Student page. Besides, despite being told I should be able to see the Enroll in a topic/variant listed under a Package of Topics reference, I cannot find it. What am I supposed to do now?
    First of all, you should make sure that you have selected the right programme of studies and term (see the top of the page).

    Provided the programme of studies and term you have selected are the right ones, you can try to find the cause of the problem via the Lists of Students section. To enter it, use the following path:

    Studies Lists of Students .. Browse Packages of Topics/Variants

    Click on the appropriate package and the following information will be displayed to you:

    • fields for which the topics listed have been created
    • pre-requisites you should meet in order to be allowed to enroll in the topics
    • start and end dates of the period during which students are allowed to enroll in the topics

    Unless you find an answer to your question in the aforementioned section, please contact the person who is reported to have created the package.

  • 6.When am I expected to upload my thesis into the Archive?
    You should upload your thesis into the Archive of Theses/Dissertations on the submission of its paper form, i.e. before its defence. That, is, you will not be able to access the Archive once the thesis has been evaluated.
    While the topic of your thesis is entered into the Information System by the Office for Studies staff, it is you who should upload the very thesis and all its supplements into the Archive.

    The other users (apart from you) allowed to work with the Archive contents are those who have been granted the s_studium and s_vyuka rights. These are usually the members of the Office for Studies staff and your supervisor.

    NB: It is only the thesis-related files that should be uploaded into the Archive. The use of the section for the purpose other than that of storing the thesis-related files may be subject to disciplinary action.

  • 7.How shall I proceed to upload my thesis into the Archive?
    Every thesis is expected to contain some text, which the student keeps in an electronic form. This text should be uploaded into the highest level of the Archive in an uncompressed file. Provided the text spans several files, upload all of these, but remember to keep them separate. To upload the file(s) into the Archive, please proceed as follows:

    Entering the Archive of Theses/Dissertations:
    To enter your Archive, use the following path:

    Personal Administration Student Final State Examination and Thesis/Dissertation Archive Work with Thesis/ Dissertation Archive

    You do not need to use your name when naming the files since the Archive you have entered is only yours. Most of your files should be uploaded into its highest level. Therefore, you should not create any new folders unless it is really necessary.

    Checking the top of the page to make sure the right thesis has been selected:
    Provided you have enrolled in more than one programme of studies or you plan to upload more than one thesis, ensure that you have really selected the right one. If this is not the case, go back to the My Studies page and enter the Archive again selecting the right thesis.

    Uploading the file(s) containing the text of thesis into the Archive:
    To upload the file(s), use the following path:

    Operations Upload file

    [1] click on the 'Upload a file from your computer' icon

    Enter the path to the file on your computer into the Find field or browse to the location of the file using the Browse button.
    Use the Name field to enter an expression describing the file contents, e.g. Text of Thesis, so that users can quickly get an idea of what the file contains. The Description field is optional. Please ensure that you are uploading the file(s) into the highest level of the Archive.

    [1] browse to the location of the file on your computer
    [2] enter a name for the file
    [3] upload the file by clicking on 'Upload'

    NB: Please ensure that you upload your thesis into the Archive only in the Word, ODF or PDF format. Provided you only upload it in the Word or ODF format, its PDF and plain-text versions will be created from these by the System automatically. The plain-text version will also be generated automatically if you only upload your thesis in the PDF format. The upload of other files (e.g. those containing appendices and other relevant material) is completely up to you.
    The uploaded files should not be locked, encrypted, or processed any way that makes their contents impossible to read!

    Verifying that the System has created the plain-text versions of the uploaded files:
    It is vital that the Archive also contains the plain-text versions of the uploaded files. Provided you upload your thesis in the Word (or PDF) format, the System will automatically generate its plain-text version within thirty minutes. The importance of plain-text files consists in their use for search purposes.

    Uploading supplements:
    The materials accompanying your thesis should be uploaded into the Archive as well. Provided these span numerous files, you might want to organize them into folders. To create a new folder, click on the following:

    Operations Create folder

  • 8.What constitutes the amount of information the Archive is required to contain?
    The System verifies whether the Archive contains the required amount of information, particularly whether:

    1. the English abstract has the length of at least 100 characters
    2. you have provided the Czech abstract of the length of at least 100 characters (applies to you provided you are enrolled in at least one field taught in Czech or Slovak)
    3. you have provided key words of the total length of at least 30 characters
    4. there is a plain-text version of the thesis comprising at least app. 3.000 characters and its Word, ODF or PDF counterpart at the highest level of the Archive
    5. you have provided the information pertaining to the language of thesis

    Students are informed about the results of the verification process via the System applications used in connection with their theses. Provided the student's Archive contains the required amount of information and grade the student gained, a reference to the Archive is placed on the student's Personal Page (administered under the People section).

  • 9.Why am I no longer allowed to edit the uploaded thesis, its abstract, or any other related information?
    You cannot edit these since your thesis has probably been accepted by your Office for Studies and the Archive has been locked. Provided you really need to edit some of the information, apply for the permission to work with the Archive with the Office for Studies.

    NB: Prior to handing in the printed version of your thesis, please make sure the files you have uploaded into the Archive (this also applies to the .pdf ones created by their conversion) contain what you want them to since the Office for Studies might reject your application for the three-day file-handling permission.

  • 10.My page does not display the topics I would like to enroll in, but my schoolmate's one does.
    In all probability, you have not succeeded in registering for (enrolling in) the course under which the package with the topics has been created, i.e. your registration record is red. Your failure to register for (enroll in) the course probably results from you not meeting its enrollment pre-requisites. It is only the students who have registered for the course successfully that are allowed to enroll in the topics of the package created under the course.

    Therefore, to be allowed to enroll in the desired topic, you should wait till the enrollment period begins (if it is not under way yet), arrange for the enrollment pre-requisites to be met, or apply for the enrollment permission/exception with the teacher of the course. Once you have enrolled in it, the page will display the package.

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at vsteis(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.