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General arrangements for the recognition of prior learning (formal, informal and non-formal)

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Subject recognition via IS VŠTE

Necessary documents for subject recognition:

Completed application (IS/ Documents/ Study Office/ Subject Recognition/ Forms).

Officially certified mark statement about the successful completion of courses, including classification and number of credits.

Confirmed annotations of subjects from previous studies with a description and its integration into the program, discipline or direction, within which was completed.

For Exchange Students:

Students are expected to fill in, together with the departmental Erasmus coordinator, a Learning Agreement in which the courses are held at the receiving institution appear. The recommended sum of the ECTS credits allocated for all of the courses on the agreement is 30 per semester. Then the concerned body submits the agreement to the Faculty/School/Institute to be approved. International Relations Office sends the Learning Agreement to the programme of the receiving institution before the students’ departure. If any change is made by the receiving institution, the changes must be approved by the authorities mentioned above in a form of Changes to Original Proposed Study Programme / Learning Agreement. On students return from the receiving institution, the student is expected to bring a Transcript of Records which bears the courses that have been approved by the receiving institution. The courses are entered into the student’s transcript as they appear on the transcript of records and a document of Proof of Recognition is prepared.

Recognition of courses completed at other institution of higher education:

Application for recognition of the course will be completed and submitted by a student to the Education Centre, where the required documents will also be scanned to the eventual recognition of the subject. The subject recognition condition - which will be checked after submitting an application - is the completion of the course not longer than five years ago.

Course supervisor decides on the recognition or non-recognition of the course within ten working days from the date of submission.

The decision will be carried out by inserting the completed form to the Document Server VŠTE Information System (hereinafter referred to as "IS").

If a subject recognition is granted, the guarantor writes reviews t to a student in the IS, but no later than 30 days after application. If the subject is not active for the current semester, an Education Centre employee key in the subject in the IS, so that a guarantor could write an evaluation to students. If the subject will not be recognized, the reasons must be filled in the form.

Following this decision, the Education Centre staff will create up to 30 days from the date of application decision. This must be personally picked up by a student within 30 days from the Educational Centre. If a student does not collect the decision by the 30-day deadline, the document will be taken into account as to be handed over and subsequently inserted into the decision of his personal folder at the Study Office.

On the day of moving the decision into personal folders to the Study Department, the 30-day statutory deadline begins; the student may request a decision review. Also a student folder moves to a decision archive in the document server, where it will be available.

Recognition of subjects completed at the Institute of Technology and Business in Czech Budejovice in other fields of study:

If a student applies for a subject recognition already undertaken at VŠTE, is automatically granted, provided that:

a) The subject was completed not longer than five years ago.

b) The subject has the same name and the way of completion with the current recommended curriculum of a programme in which a student applies for subject recognition.

Applications for subject recognition are collectively submitted on a special request, which is attached to this document. The deadline for settlement shall be governed by the law, it means 30 days.

Subjects were recognized in this way are entered into the study records by the Study Office.

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