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Practical information for mobile students

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Practical and educational assistance is provided to the international students by the International Office before and after their arrival to České Budějovice.


Alžběta Troupová
international relations coordinator
Institute of Technology and Business
in Ceske Budejovice
Room D003
Tel: 00420 387 842 131
Email: erasmus@mail.vstecb.cz

Courses taught in English for foreign incoming students

Although the official teaching language of the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice is Czech, from the academic year 2010/2011 onwards, all the departments - in order to facilitate the Erasmus mobility -, offer courses taught in English language to incoming Erasmus students.

Erasmus students study together not only with exchange students from all over Europe, but also with Czech students who have chosen courses taught in English as their optional courses.

The ECTS credits are assigned to each course in the catalogue. The normal workload for a semester is 30 ECTS credits. It is important that the students consult the Erasmus coordinator prior to their course selection, to ensure academic recognition and to prepare appropriately the Learning Αgreement before their arrival.

Changes in the course list bellow will not occur. We guarantee that each of the courses offered will be taught in the prospective academic year. Moreover, no schedule collision will occur, because the timetables are specially designed for the foreign students. That allows the students to finalize their Learning agreements before the mobility without a danger of any unwanted changes.

The following course catalogue contains detailed information about each course.

Courses taught in English for all studentsECTS Credits
A_IDWIntroduction Week5
A_MAT_1Mathematics 15
A_MAT_2Mathematics 25
Courses taught in English for Business Administration and ManagementECTS Credits
A_BADBusiness Administration5
A_BPRBusiness Presentation5
A_EPCEconomy Policy in the Czech Republic5
A_FIAFinancial analysis5
A_FDMFinancial decision making5
A_HRMHuman resources management5
A_IBW_AInternational Business Week - abroad5
A_IBW_HInternational Business Week - home5
A_MADManagement Skills5
A_MAMMarketing management5
A_TBMTrade Business Management5
Courses taught in English for Building EngineeringECTS Credits
A_VYAArchitecture development5
A_KASCalculation and Offers in Civil Engineering5
A_BZKContrete and Brick structures5
A_EKLCreation and protection of the environment5
A_EKSEcological Structures5
A_PARFailures and Reconstructions5
A_PAPFlexibilty and Strenght5
A_ZNSHealth and safety buildings5
A_ENSLow energetic and passive constructions5
A_KDKMetal and Wooden Structures5
A_OCHSights protection and maintaining5
A_TZB_1Technical building Equipment5
A_TBOTypology of residential and civil buildings5
A_UUPUrbanismus a územní plánování5

See the Erasmus Guide for the complete information (České Budějovice, accommodation, etc.).

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